Thursday, 26 March 2015

Keeping Healthy

Today at Syndicate assembly, out Public Health Nurse Laurie came to visit.  She shared with us about how to stay healthy by cleaning our hands, using the hand sanitizer, covering our noses when we sneeze.  Laurie showed us using silly string how far a sneeze travels. (over a metre!)

We should wash our hands for about 20 seconds.  Or sing 'Happy Birthday To You' twice!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Long Weekend

Hi Room 14! I hope you are all having a lovely restful weekend like Milly!
What have you been up too?
Mrs L

In the weekend I went to the SPCA. I got to feed kittens and cats and puppies.
and dogs.  Me and my mum like to volunteer at the SPCA. They find some kittens in the dump, it is very sad.  I got my two kittens from the SPCA.  On Monday my cousins come to help as and we had to clean there cage and we had to get there poo and wee out of there cage. it was Yuck but we  had to put up with it. I done all the kittens and all the Dishes.

By Libby

Friday, 20 March 2015

Mathlete of the week!

Well done Oliver!! You are Room 14's Mathlete of the week.
You have worked really hard on your Maths at school and at home.
Mrs L

Look what we found!

Yesterday I found a cricket outside our classroom. It is bright green and beautiful.

By Lucy

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Twits

This term Room 14 have read the Twits and written some character descriptions about the ever so interesting Mr and Mrs Twit.

Mr Twit is so obese and mindless. Once  you have seen Mr Twit you can never get the ugly sight out of your head. If you have seen Mr Twit you are lucky that you didn’t go blind . Mr Twit put a frog in Mrs Twits bed.
Mrs Twit is a nasty witch. She has a glass eye. She takes her eye out and puts
it in Mr twit  beer. She has walking sticks to hit kids with. Mrs Twit is a liar.
By Maddison.
Mr Twit is very mean and stinky. He gets food stuck in his beard.  He likes  to play tricks on Mrs Twit.  Mr Twit also eats dirt.
Mr Twit is mean. He has a very very mouldy beard because there is mouldy cheese stuck in it. He is very hairy, hair covers his whole face except his nose and eyes.
Mrs Twit looks like she never brushes her hair. She needs a walking stick. She says she has blisters on her foot but she doesn’t, she kicks kid’s with it.
Mr Twit is smelly because he never takes a bath. Mr Twit has a long beard and there is alot of food stuck in it. Mr Twit smells alot.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Culture Cafe

As our topic this term is "Celebrating Culture" today the Middle Syndicate got to enjoy some tasty nibbles from Japan. We had sushi
and miso soup.

Enviroschools 2015

Yesterday afternoon Jennie came to visit Room 14 and 15 to talk about Enviroschools.
Jennie asked us what we thought enviroschools might be, and then asked us "What part of Wakari School is our special or favourite place?

Our answers ranged from our classrooms, swimming pool, top field, playgrounds and library. We then drew a quick picture of why we liked those places and placed them on a large map of Wakari School.

We are looking forward to continuing on with Enviroschools during 2015.

Self Portraits

Mrs Lowden took photos of us at the start of the year, then we all had to turn black and white into colourful. We used pastels to make our photos bright. We then used charcoal to draw our self portraits.  Sketching faces is hardwork.  It was fun using the charcoal, it smudged easy.

Monday, 16 March 2015


Welcome to Room 14's class blog for 2015!
This is a window into our classroom and our learning.
We look forward to your positive comments.
Mrs L and Room 14