Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Twits

This term Room 14 have read the Twits and written some character descriptions about the ever so interesting Mr and Mrs Twit.

Mr Twit is so obese and mindless. Once  you have seen Mr Twit you can never get the ugly sight out of your head. If you have seen Mr Twit you are lucky that you didn’t go blind . Mr Twit put a frog in Mrs Twits bed.
Mrs Twit is a nasty witch. She has a glass eye. She takes her eye out and puts
it in Mr twit  beer. She has walking sticks to hit kids with. Mrs Twit is a liar.
By Maddison.
Mr Twit is very mean and stinky. He gets food stuck in his beard.  He likes  to play tricks on Mrs Twit.  Mr Twit also eats dirt.
Mr Twit is mean. He has a very very mouldy beard because there is mouldy cheese stuck in it. He is very hairy, hair covers his whole face except his nose and eyes.
Mrs Twit looks like she never brushes her hair. She needs a walking stick. She says she has blisters on her foot but she doesn’t, she kicks kid’s with it.
Mr Twit is smelly because he never takes a bath. Mr Twit has a long beard and there is alot of food stuck in it. Mr Twit smells alot.

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