Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Today, Delhi came to talk to us and show us some of her war memorabilia.

We learnt that soldiers had 3 different types of hats. They had different types of uniforms for different times.

1) Lemon squeezer (Worn in parades, marching)
2) Battle helmet (worn in a trench during a battle)They even had to sleep in these helmets!
3) Casual every day hat

Soldiers were very small, as they were allowed to sign up at 16 years old. Some though were as young as 11! (they fibbed because they thought war would be a great adventure)

Soldiers dug their trenches out at night time so enemies wouldn't see them.  Big pieces of wood were used to keep them holding up so the trench didn't collapse. Soldiers dug trenches using shovels by hand.

Soldiers didn't have a lot to eat. The Red Cross would send them parcels. Now days soldiers are given packs that last them 2 days.

Soldiers uniforms were khaki and olive drab.

Mrs Maguire then read "The Red Poppy" which is written by New Zealand author David Hill.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Happy Easter from Room 14!

Harry with his paper bag bunny.

Today we made paper bag Easter bunnies.
We had to do a lot of cutting, sticking and pasting.
It was a lot of fun.
Happy Easter everybody!