Friday, 26 June 2015

Lucy's party

On Sunday it was my party, Aoife, Sophie, Belle, Hayley, Olivia and Oscar came.
Aoife got me hair chalk, Sophie got me bobble head cats, Belle got me little Mrs pet shops, Hayley got me a whareouse gift voucher, Olivia got me smiggle stuff and a make your own charm key ring and Oscar got me a jewellery box that you put beads on.
We played with the hair chalk even Oscar put some in his hair!
We played musical chairs and pass the parcel.
At the end I gave them treaty boxes.

By Lucy

(Look at Lucys amazing cake her clever mum made!!!)

3D Marshmellow Math

Today in Room 14 Math we had a marshmellow challenge. 
We had to make 3D shapes. A cube and a pyramid.
A cube has 6 faces, 8 corners and 12 sides. A pyramid has 4 corners, 6 sides and 4 faces.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Snow Day

On Monday it was a snow day.
On Dalziel road there  was five silly teenagers that decided to do skids and  do doughnuts all over the big hill.
A couple of minutes later they crashed into the bank.
Then my next door neighbour called David went to help them and he  pulled  then  out of  the ditch.
Mum called the police and the police took ages to get there. Another girl got stuck on a gravel road, then reversed out of the gravel road and saw the other people that crashed and drove to the police car. They told the police where they were and the police car couldnt get up the hill.  We didnt go to school, we played in the snow but I was sick.

By Maddi

Friday, 12 June 2015

More Dress ups!

                                                             Willy Wonker - Harry

Millie - Millie and Cherry Witch - Kordelia

Captain Underpants - Zach and Rugby players Jackson and Keegan

Skater Boy - Bradley

Spiderman - Min

                                                      Elsa - Belle and Lucy, Irish Witch - Aoife

Mrs L - Cat in the hat

Dress Up Book Day

This week at wakari school it is book week. We have to dress up even the teachers. At 12.15 we have a parade. Some people are dressing up as Harry Potter and Army people.  I am dressed up as Millie off the Millie book.  By Millie and Toby