Friday, 11 September 2015

Harry's Spring Poem

I hear baby lambs bleeting for their mums.

I feel warm in the sun. I feel happy.

I taste cooked lamb and fresh spring vegetables.

I smell fresh flowers in the air.

I see people going to the beach, dogs barking and people going to the park.

By Harry

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Sophie's Spring Poem

I hear baby lambs baring in the fields.
I feel the new petals on the flowers.
I taste the fresh air on my tongue.
I smell the fresh new blossom and flower on the tree.
I see cute new baby lambs and calves in the paddocks.

Olly's Spring Poem

I hear kids playing Tag and hide and seek.

I feel happy because winter has finished and it`s warmer weather.

I taste honey and berry roast lamb cocked slowly.

I smell flowers and fresh cut grass.

I see happy kids playing outside.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Toby's Spring Poem

I hear baby calves mooing around the paddock.
I feel the warm wind blowing through my hair.
I taste the fresh wind in and out of my mouth.
I smell fresh cow poo in the paddock.
I see kids playing in their back yards happily.

Soliana's Spring Poem

l  hear  beautiful baby  lambs  in   the  paddocks crying for their mums. 
I  feel  soft silky petals on  flowers. 
I taste the  fresh  air  and the  edible flowers in the garden.   
I  smell  the  most  beautiful yellow daffodils.  
I  see  grey skys filled with rain.

Kaisey's Spring Poem

I hear beautiful baby lambs around me.
I feel cute fluffy soft lambs in the paddocks.
I taste the fresh spring air on my tongue.
I smell the fresh new blossoms on the trees.
I see the beautiful pink blooming blossom on the trees.

Hayley's Spring Poem

I hear bees buzzing around the flowers.
I feel nice warm water on my hands.
I taste nice fresh air in my mouth.
I smell sweet, lovely beautiful flowers.
I see little cute lambs running with there little feet.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Kiwi Stix coaching session - By Millie

On Sunday I went to the Otago Stix coaching sessions for school kids.  I learn't a move called  the sweep and I learned how to hit  back and forward.  3 guys taught me and when I went right some one went left.

Last Wednesday was our Hockey prize giving.  I played for Wakari Red team.  Mrs Lowden coached me.  I won the most valuable player award.

By Millie .

Tobys birthday.

On Saturday it was my birthday party. We had a ice,cream cake!I got the hammer shot and the cyclone shot
nerf guns.I got a box of chocolates from Min and Kaylea. We watched  a movie [littie and big Critters]. I got a 20 dollar voucher from Hayley.  This is a picture of my yummy ice-cream cake. My mum made it.

By Toby.

Solianas a millionaire!!!

Last  week  my aunty went to Zimbabwe to work.   She sent  me  a  ten  million dollar note!   My  aunty  lives  in  Zimbabwe. Shes'  got  a   big  house and it is full of books.  She types books in Zimbabwe.  She has a boyfriend named Diago he is from Mexico. I hope that one day I can spend my ten million dollar note in Zimbabwe on candy  pops they  are  just  lollies I  love  love  the  lollie  pops so much.
By  Soliana Freeman  rm  14

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Germ and Bread Experiment Day 7

Day 7

Today we did our second observation of our Germ and Bread experiment.
We found that there is stuff happening to the bread inside the bags but our eyes can't see it.
We looked closely using a magnifying glass and saw some black, yellow and pink dots.
We felt the bread on the outside of the bags and noticed it is feeling a bit stale, not so fresh and the crusts were harder than the inside.

Room 14

Spring is here!!

This week Room 14 have celebrated the end of Winter and the start of Spring by creating beautiful Spring bouquets.  We will share them at our next school assembly.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Germ and Bread experiment

Room 14 have decided to test the amount of germs and bacteria that are around us and our classroom. There is a lot of sickness around at the moment and it is important we all wash our hands to rid the germs and stop them from spreading.  We got into 6 groups, each group had a different thing to test with their piece of bread.

Group 1 -Washed their hands really well before touching the bread.
Group 2 - Didn't wash their hands then touched the bread.
Group 3 - Wiped their bread over the carpet.
Group 4 - Coughed all over their piece of bread.
Group 5 - Wiped their bread over the tables.
Group 6 - Picked their nose and wiped it on the bread. (ew!!)

We made predictions on what we think will happen.
We will observe all 6 test groups and record the changes that occur in 2 weeks. 

Which one will have the most germs? 
Why have these changes happened? 
What makes germs spread? 
How can we reduce germ growth in our classroom?