Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Germ and Bread experiment

Room 14 have decided to test the amount of germs and bacteria that are around us and our classroom. There is a lot of sickness around at the moment and it is important we all wash our hands to rid the germs and stop them from spreading.  We got into 6 groups, each group had a different thing to test with their piece of bread.

Group 1 -Washed their hands really well before touching the bread.
Group 2 - Didn't wash their hands then touched the bread.
Group 3 - Wiped their bread over the carpet.
Group 4 - Coughed all over their piece of bread.
Group 5 - Wiped their bread over the tables.
Group 6 - Picked their nose and wiped it on the bread. (ew!!)

We made predictions on what we think will happen.
We will observe all 6 test groups and record the changes that occur in 2 weeks. 

Which one will have the most germs? 
Why have these changes happened? 
What makes germs spread? 
How can we reduce germ growth in our classroom?

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