Thursday, 29 October 2015

If I was Brodie Rittalick..... By Oscar


If I was in the RWC 2015 I would be  Brodie Rittalick.
I would  feel  happy because I made it so far. I wonder who will be man of the match? Will I sore a try ? Will there be any red cards? Will my family be watching? If we win how much money will the team win?              I am nervous because Australia are a good team. I feel good because my family have supported me  all this way. I fill good because of all  the support. I wonder how all the people back home fill.

Richie McCaw By Neihana

If  I was an all black in RWC  2015 I would be Richie McCaw. I  am  feeling  happy  because  my team   called    the   all  blacks  beat  Australia.  The team  have been training  hard  but the  boys and  I are confident  that  we could do it.

By Neihana

If I was Jerome Kaino .......

If I was a All black in the RWC, 2015 I would be Jerome Kaino.  Im feeling nervous because in the Hyundai Country Calendar final they beat us. Hopefully the  England crowd will change to All Blacks fans.  Hopefully I will be able  to  have  early nights  in the very nice hotel.  But like always there was training and this one is a really hard one with heaps of passing and running. After that I might have a quick shower. But like always I want to hold the world trophy again.

By Riley

If I was Richie McCaw....

I would be Richie McCaw because I would be the team captain.
I am proud of my team for getting this far but we couldnt do it with out the support of our country. We train so hard to get to this point. We can't get kicked out now. If we win we will be the first to win two times in a row.

By Lucy

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If I was Aaron Smith By Jackson

If I was a ALL BLACK in the rugby world cup 2015 I would be Aaron Smith. I am feeling great that I am in the rugby world cup final. I feel great for being halfback at the rugby world cup with my team. I want to talk to Richie McCaw and Dan Carter to make a game plan. I am pumped for the big game.