Friday, 13 November 2015

How to make a loomband.

Room 14 are busy making loom bands at moment.  Here are some instructions of how to make one.

How to make a loomband bracelet, ring, or necklace
1)Get three bands. The first band you make it as a 8 shape for the cap band.
 2) Get two other bands and put them on top.
2) Link the cap band over the 2 top bands and then put another band on top and link it over.
3) Keep repeating the pattern until it is long enough to wear.
by Toby

OurTrip To The Art Gallery

Yesterday Room 14 went to the art gallery to learn about old historic buildings of Dunedin and how to draw them. It was fun. We looked at paintings around the art gallery. First we had to draw a car and two sillouhettes of people. I love the art gallery because it is a cool place to go to.  Some of the historical buildings around Dunedin are Larnarchs Castle, The clock tower and the railway station.  When drawing buildings its a good idea to think about the shapes, lines and symmetry.  My favourite part of the trip was making our art in the art room with John.

By Belle

Friday, 6 November 2015

Our Tip Trip.

One Monday the 2nd of November room 14/15 went to the green island landfill. We saw pukeko's all over the place, they like it there because of the swamp land.
There was so much black bag rubbish up at the land fill. I learnt that there is a truck that has spicks on the wheels that squashes down all the black bag rubbish in the land fill.  One day it will become a sports field. We had a treasure hunt around the recycled and reused items shop and garden.  Mrs Lowden bought 6 hubcaps for $1. We are going to make some recycled art out of them.

By Kaisey

Our Trip To The Tip

On Monday Room 14 and 15 went to the tip as part of our topic to see just where the rubbish goes. We went in groups. Room 15 was one group and Room 14 was a group. First Room 14 went to look at the bins. There was a paper bin, recycle bin, flatten cardboard bin, glass bin and and a bottle lid bin. Then Room 14 went to do a treasure hunt. There were two treasure hunts. They have re used heaps of things like baths hoses and toilets. Then we finally went to the the land fill together on the bus to see where all of the black bag rubbish goes.  It was very stinky and filled with seagulls.
We learnt lots of interesting things... did you know batteries and poisons are sent to France to a big burner!