Friday, 6 November 2015

Our Trip To The Tip

On Monday Room 14 and 15 went to the tip as part of our topic to see just where the rubbish goes. We went in groups. Room 15 was one group and Room 14 was a group. First Room 14 went to look at the bins. There was a paper bin, recycle bin, flatten cardboard bin, glass bin and and a bottle lid bin. Then Room 14 went to do a treasure hunt. There were two treasure hunts. They have re used heaps of things like baths hoses and toilets. Then we finally went to the the land fill together on the bus to see where all of the black bag rubbish goes.  It was very stinky and filled with seagulls.
We learnt lots of interesting things... did you know batteries and poisons are sent to France to a big burner!

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