Thursday, 24 March 2016

Easter fun in Room 14

Today we have done Easter activities like making Easter bunny paper bag puppets, sketching Easter bunnies, making Easter cards and even turning our selves into bunnies on the ipads!
My favourite activity was sketching. - Adam

Today when we did our Easter activities I really liked making our easter bunny puppets. - Lily

I think our Easter bunny puppets are really cute! - Amalia

Today we have had heaps of fun making Easter puppets.  We made ourselves into Easter bunnies and we printed off the pictures.  I had to go and collect the pictures with Callum and Max. - Jacob

I really enjoyed making my little puppet.  We all spent lots and lots of time making them. - Katie

My puppet is my favourite puppet in the class. - Ollie

I had fun going in the chrome books and sketching - Felix

My favourite thing was making cards and making my puppet. I really enjoyed making things. - Madde

It was fun making things with my friend Matilda and I hope my nana and grandad like the card I made them. - Lexie

Today we did heaps of Easter activities. There was Easter bunny puppet making, Easter card making, some Easter sketching and script writing.  My favourite thing to do was turning myself into a bunny.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Noah's Me Bag

Thanks for sharing your me bag today Noah!!  It was great seeing your favourite toys and books that are special to you.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Max - Me Bag

Today Max shared his Me Bag.  Thank you for sharing your interesting items.  You spoke confidently and clearly to the class.  Well done!

Friday, 18 March 2016

Technology Challenge - 2

Today was Room 29's second Technology challenge.  This week we had to Think, Design and Make an ExtendaStick that could support one marble as far out from the end of the table as possible.  We could only use 15 ice-block sticks, 3 drinking straws, 1m of masking tape, 1m of string and 2 marbles.  We worked in the same Tech groups as we did last time.  Our big focus again was on TEAMWORK.  We are getting really good at listening to each others ideas and using a piece of everyone design for our final master plan.  

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Easter Baskets

Today we made Easter baskets with our buddy class Room 13.  We had fun colouring in and decorating them.  My buddy is Alyssa. She is really nice.  

By Katie

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Me Bag - Esme

Well done Esme! You spoke really confidently to the class today when sharing the Me Bag.
You shared some really neat things with us.  I loved your photos!

Madde - Me Bag

Today I shared the Me Bag.  I had some exciting things in it.  One of the best things was the x-ray of my new baby brother. (or sister) I like the questions that the class asked.
By Madde

Monday, 14 March 2016

Me Bag - Nicholas

Thanks Nicholas for sharing your exciting Me Bag items today.

Numeracy fun in Room 14

Here are some snaps of the wonderful Room 14 Maths class.  We have a big number knowledge focus this term. This week we are looking at combinations that make ten and building numbers out of place value equipment to 100. We Love Maths!!
Place Value fun - building numbers

Building towers of 10

Friends of 10 fish

How many friends of 10 can you write?

Ipad Maths fun

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Pencil Puppets

We sure have had a lot of fun this week planning, designing and making our pencil puppets. We followed our plans carefully. Most of us found we didn't need to make any changes to our designs. We think they make our pencils look funky!