Friday, 4 March 2016

TEAM WORK Challenge

Wow! What a day. Today we have had a lot of fun with our neighbours (Room 15) We had a technology challenge to DESIGN and MAKE a balloon catcher.  The only materials we were allowed to use were 1) 10 sheets of paper. 2) 1 small roll of tape. 3) 6m of string. 4) Scissors.
Our big focus of our challenge today was TEAMWORK. We brainstormed what this means to us and came up with sharing, talking nicely with each other, letting everybody have a turn, having patience and giving people the time they need, joining in and listening to all ideas. We worked in groups of 3 and came up with some awesome ideas and designs.  In the afternoon we were able to make and test. We have learnt a lot of skills and have had an awesome day of discovery.

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