Friday, 29 July 2016

Olympics - Discovery

Today the Middle Syndicate did our first Discovery Time for the Term.  The topic was on the Olympics.  We also had a focus on the value manners. 

Some of the activities were:
-Deconstructing a television and a VHS player.
-A junk table
-Making Olympic biscuits
-Making medals and NZ flags
-Constructing an Olympic village
-Creating an Olympic uniform for athletes.
-Making Olympic rings out for Play doh
-Collage table
-Collaborative art
-Dress ups and drama Opening ceremonies
-Puzzles and blocks

"My favourite activity was the junk table because I made mini Olympics people, equipment and medals" Matilda and Lexie

"My favourite activity was making the cookies" Max

"I loved deconstructing the tv.  I got to look inside it and cut the wires" Jacob

"My favourite was making lots of medals.  I made gold, silver and bronze medals.  I made 10" Katie

" I can't wait to do Discovery time next week" Callum

"I loved deconstructing the tv.  There was a heap of bits and batteries to look at." Felix

 Ancient Olympic Dress ups! - Jordan

              Posters and Olympic Biscuits - Sam and Ollie

Olympic Collage

Olympic Medals - Matilda and Lexie

Deconstruction - Busy Boys!


Collaborative Art

Busy, busy, busy!!!

Flag Research