Thursday, 20 October 2016

Our Little Gardens

It has been a week since we have planted our seeds.  My plant is a Rocket.  Room 14 has been  keeping an eye on them.  Rocket takes 7 days to grow. My plant is spinach it takes 10 days to grow. My friend Katies plant is a eggplant. We will plant our seedlings outside on the deck in our new planter boxes that Jim got us from Bunnings.


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Room 14's Little Garden

Yesterday we planted our little garden seeds in tiny pots.  Mrs Lowden has been shopping like crazy at New World to get us all a seed each.  Our seeds are sitting on our window sill in Room 14. We need to really look after them so they grow into lovely plants that we can eat.  They need water, (not to much or they may drown) sunlight (just the right amount) and tender care.  We are keeping track of our seeds growth by making a diary of our seeds.

Golf Fun

Today Room 14 had a golf lesson with 
Ms Harper from Kiwi Golf.
We are learning to hit a ball correctly, how to hold a gold club and how to stand.
We had lots of fun! We hit a range of balls.  We would love to have another go soon.