Friday, 11 November 2016

Friday Activities

This term the Middle Syndicate are taking part in activities that they have chosen.  Today was our first session.  The type of activities that are happening are cooking, sewing, photography, script writing, sports, gardening, mural, knitting, clay, aerobics, care takers and board games.  Here are some pictures of today.

Knitting and sewing groups.

Knitting and Sewing groups.

Aerobics and clay pottery planning.

Rawan learning how to stitch and sew a button on.

Lexie and Maddie in the sewing group making pillows and foxes.

Katie making an owl in sewing group.  Will and Lucas taking out caretaker duties.

Ella with her pillow she made in sewing group.

Gardening group planning and researching their next project.  Weeding the garden.

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